Tuesday, May 7

Games from the New York State Championship

The world-wide popularity of chess, coupled with the increasing efficiency of modern means of communication, presents the would-be chronicler of our game with a superabundance of worthwhile material from which to choose.  In such circumstances, certain notable events in the chess world will inevitably receive less attention than would have been the case even a decade ago, and we beg our readers to let any resultant omission be ascribed to the present embarrassment of riches, rather than to any lack of interest on the part of the reporter.  Our pledge, in turn, is to do our utmost to present all doings of significance, and to cull the very best fruits from such a plentiful harvest.

To that end, we now turn to the recent New York State Championship, an event unmentioned until now in these pages.  The Championship tourney was won by Messrs. Leonard B. Meyer and George J. Beihoff, who thus share the title of State Champion for this year; each, we understand, will receive a medal commemorating his achievement, the medals having been donated by Mr. H.R. Limburg of the Manhattan Chess Club.  The general tournament, held concurrently with the Championship event, also saw two winners,  Messrs. James Liebling and M.I. Franklin, who divided the first and second prizes, with Mr. Liebling in addition earning the brilliancy prize for his victory over S.H. Childs.

We present two games from the event, a win by Mr. Beihoff and the brilliancy by Mr. Liebling, the latter featuring a Queen sacrifice.


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