Thursday, May 30

Dr. Tarrasch on tour: Sweden (continued)

The Praeceptor Germaniae continues his Swedish tour, having now undertaken simultaneous exhibitions in Boras, Skara, Linköping, and, yesterday, Ekilstuna, where the final result of 25 wins and 7 draws, against only 5 defeats, did much credit to the single player.  We present below three games from this latest exhibition, the first a short victory by Dr. Tarrasch and the others drawn contests.  Now, knowing the liking of many of our readers for only those encounters that finish decisively, we suggest that the latter two games well merit attention, and urge that they not be overlooked.  One contains a most delicate pawn endgame in which Dr. Tarrasch, quite understandably under the circumstances, misses a chance to win.  In the other, the exhibitor, through a moment of inattention, is caught early on by a standard sacrifice and loses a pawn, whereupon a battle royal ensues.  Dr. Tarrasch offers a Knight at his 10th turn and, despite playing the entire remainder of the game a piece to the bad, succeeds in creating a long series of difficulties for his opponent - though without ever quite shaking the latter's hold on the position.  Near the finish, just when it seems that his amateur opponent will at last record a victory, Tarrasch barely manages to escape with a draw thanks to a faulty King move on the part of his adversary.  A very narrow escape indeed!   


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