Monday, May 20

Games from the Kent and Sussex Congress

Following on yesterday's entry, we present a selection of games from the recently-concluded joint Kent and Sussex Congress.  To begin, Mr. Yates, winner of First-Class Open Tournament A, here registers a fine victory over Mr. Dewing, who finished equal second in that event.


Next, Mr. Watt takes the measure of current City of London Champion Mr. George A. Thomas, winner of First-Class Open Tournament B.  (If we have one small quibble with our English friends, it is that designating tourneys as A and B may lead some to believe that the latter is comprised of weaker players.  As noted in our previous entry, participants were divided between the two events so as to make them of comparable strength.)


Here Mr. Tregaskis surprises Mr. Hanson with a Knight sacrifice on the 19th move:

Finally, Mr. Compton Ellis produces a winning attack on the Black side of a Ruy Lopez.  As so often occurs in modern chess, the prettiest variations are to be found in the notes, which we encourage our readers not to overlook.

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