Thursday, May 2

Warsaw triangular tournament, Final Round: Flamberg defeates Duras to win tourney; Czech Master 2nd, Lowtzky 3rd

Alexander Flamberg, combining vigorous middlegame play with fine endgame technique, defeated Oldrich Duras in the final round of the Warsaw triangular Masters' tournament to claim first prize in the event, much to the delight of the spectators who had turned out in support of their hometown ace.  Flamberg's victory left him with 3 points scored from 4 games, one point clear of Duras, who had entered the final round tied with the Polish Master.  Ukranian-born Moishe Lowtzky, now resident of Warsaw, took third place with one point.  We offer a crosstable of the event:

                             F         D         L         Total
Flamberg        xx       01       11          3
Duras               10        xx      ==          2
Lowtzky          00       ==      xx          1

Flamberg, playing Black against the Queen's Pawn Game of Duras, displayed his aggressive intentions from the start, answering 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 with 2...c5.  The Polish player initiated an imaginative combination with the thrust 23...b5, resulting in the win of the exchange, although it would appear that Duras by playing 25.Bxc8 in place of 25.Nc1 might well have put Black's conception to a much sterner test.  The struggle ultimately resolved itself into an endgame in which Flamberg, with King and Rook, outdueled the King and Bishop of Duras; the final phase, with each player in possession of a single pawn, required particularly fine technique on the part of the winner.  We present the game below, with notes by the Polish player Belzitzman, supplemented by a few comments of our own.

We would add only that the games of this short tourney - a mere six in all - proved without exception highly interesting, to the extent that taken together they could well stand comparison with the best half-dozen selected from many a larger event.  We thank the players in the name of our readers for providing such fine intellectual entertainment.



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