Monday, May 27

Sharp battles from intra-city matches

We present today a pair of sharp games taken from recent matches between teams representing the same metropolis, a circumstance virtually guaranteed to produce uncompromising play.  On the 25th inst. two squads from the oldest and strongest chess clubs in Munich, the Schachklub Altmünchen and the München Schachklub, met in a match over 24 boards, held at the rooms of the Schachklub Altmünchen and won by the hosts by the convincing score of 15 1/2 - 8 1/2.  The following fine game, the lone score from the contest to have come to hand, represents one of only 5 victories recorded by the losing side.  In it Black wards off White's early attempts to mount an attack on the King-side, later deciding matters through some attractive Queen-side fireworks of his own:

Our second game comes from the South London vs. North London match in the top ("A") Division of the recently-completed 1912-13 London League season.  South London came within an ace of winning this year's league title, falling only in a play-off vs. Hampstead, while North London turned in a solid performance, finishing in the middle of the pack.  In the following encounter, played on Board 2, Mr. Parley of South London engineers a pretty checkmate via a Queen sacrifice against Mr. Hooke of the Northern side.

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