Friday, May 3

More correspondence gems: Two Queen sacrifices

We present, as promised, a further brace of recent games played by correspondence.  As in our previous entry, the members of this pair exhibit certain similarities, as both feature the same opening, in this case the Vienna Gambit, and each contains a Queen sacrifice.  Yet one game was contested between two players residing in the north of Europe, while the other comes to us from far-off India.  The world-wide diffusion of chess never ceases to delight and amaze, and it is with particular pleasure that we note our wonderful game being played half a world away, in the reputed land of its origin.  Perhaps one day India will produce a great Master of its own to rival the strongest players of the West, and we shall witness a match for a true World Championship between that genius yet unborn and a worthy representative of our colder, northern climes.  Sheer fantasy, we suspect.  But perhaps not.  In chess, we are one people.

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