Tuesday, May 28

Janowski in Paris

We present a consultation game played recently in Paris in which David Janowski, along with his patron, Leonardus Nardus, took on the formidable pair of B. Hallegua and A. Kramer.  The hand of the Master is clearly visible in this fine contest: of particular merit is Black's sacrifice of the exchange at the 18th move, not for any immediate material gain, but rather for a large and enduring advantage in position.  Noteworthy, too, is the principal illustrative variation, beginning with 30.Nxe4, given in explication of White's surrender - the two magnificent Black Bishops at the close smack unmistakably of Janowski.  We have learned that the French Champion intends to participate at this summer's tournament in Scheveningen, and thus the chess world will likely soon be graced with still more exemplars of his attractive style, a most pleasurable prospect indeed.

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