Thursday, May 23

American Consul defeats Masters at chess

Alfred W. Donegan, a 30-year old native of Mobile, Alabama currently serving as United States Consul at Magdeburg, Germany, is, in addition to his diplomatic attainments, an avid and accomplished chess player, to the extent that he is capable of defeating even those known as Masters of the game.  As evidence, consider that in a recent home-and-home set of matches between the Magdeburg Chess Club and the Berlin Chess Society, Consul Donegan, playing second board for Magdeburg, scored two victories, first besting Willi Schlage in Berlin and later topping Bernhard Gregory in the return match on home ground.  The Consul has been kind enough to furnish us with the game scores of his recent successes, along with brief notes, which we are happy to pass along to our readers:

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