Wednesday, December 11

Bologna tournament, Round 10: Rosselli wins, catches Reggio; Leaders tied entering final round; Cenni half-point behind

Stefano Rosselli del Turco recovered from his defeat on the previous day to top Camillo D'Amelio and once again claim a share of the lead after ten rounds of the Italia Scacchistica national tournament at Bologna. Rosselli's win increased his total to 7 1/2 points, equal with Arturo Reggio, the latter having been idle with the bye during the penultimate round.  The two leaders are followed closely by Giovanni Cenni, who now stands on 7 points following a victory over Giuseppe Benini.  Fate has ordained a dramatic finish, as Rosselli and Cenni will meet in tomorrow's final round, while Reggio faces D'Amelio, and any of the three leaders can still emerge as outright winner of the tourney.

In the day's other action Guido Matteucci bested Alberto Batori from the Black side of a Four Knights' Game, and Gastone Montessori used the Center Counter Defense 1.e4 d5 to defeat Pietro Belli.  Corrado Buono was credited with a forfeit victory over the departed Efrem Ferraris, while Arturo Reggio, as noted above, had the bye.

Scores after 10 rounds:  Reggio*, Rosselli* 7 1/2; Cenni* 7; Buono*, Montessori* 5; Batori*, Matteucci* 4 1/2; D'Amelio* 3; Benini* 2 1/2; Belli* 2; Ferraris 1 1/2.
Those players marked with an asterisk * have already had the bye.

The most recent dispatch from Bologna unfortunately did not include the tenth-round victories by Rosselli and Cenni, but did contain the games Batori-Matteucci and Belli-Montessori, which we present below.


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