Thursday, December 5

Bologna tournament, Round 6: All games decisive; Leaders keep pace with victories

The sixth round of the Italian national tournament at Bologna saw all five games finish decisively, with the tourney's three leaders, Stefano Rosselli del Turco, Arturo Reggio, and Giovanni Cenni recording victories against opponents further down the score table. Rosselli, with the move, bested Gastone Montessori in a Petroff Defense, the first player winning a pawn at his 16th turn and later profiting from a questionable exchange sacrifice by his adversary.  Reggio took advantage of an opening error by Guido Matteucci to claim the full point, while Cenni topped Corrado Buono in only 23 moves, finishing the game with a pretty combination. In other contests Efrem Ferraris scored his first victory of the tourney at the expense of Camillo D'Amelio, and Alberto Batori added to the continuing woes of Pietro Belli, who has yet to score.  Giuseppe Benini had the bye.

Scores after 6 rounds:  Rosselli 5 1/2; Reggio 5; Cenni* 4; A. Batori 3 1/2; Benini*, Montessori* 2 1/2; Buono, Matteucci* 2; Ferraris, D'Amelio* 1 1/2; Belli* 0.
Those players marked with an asterisk * have already had the bye.

We have three games to share with our readers today, beginning with the victory by Rosselli, the tournament leader.

Cenni took the full point from Buono in a game with an attractive finish.

Ferraris employed some clever back-rank threats to record his first win:

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