Monday, December 9

Capablanca in St. Petersburg: Cuban gives simultaneous performance, will face three Russian Masters in exhibition play

We are most pleased to report that José R. Capablanca has safely arrived in St. Petersburg, where on the 7th inst. he faced 30 opponents in simultaneous play, scoring 24 wins, three losses, and three draws.  Our sources relate that during his stay in that city the Cuban visitor plans to face three Russian Masters in short exhibition matches set to begin in approximately one week's time, his opponents being Eugene Znosko-Borovsky, Fyodor Dus-Chotimirsky, and Alexander Alekhine.  The Alekhine match in particular, the first meeting between the Russian and Capablanca, two of the brightest stars of the rising generation, is certain to arouse great interest in the chess world and may well give some indication as to their relative strength at the present time.  We eagerly await the coming battles, and will as always share them with our readers as soon as they come to hand. 

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