Tuesday, December 31

"C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate tournament: Columbia, Yale tie for first place; Lions top Princeton 3-1; Elis trounce Harvard 3 1/2 - 1/2; Play-off next week

In a stunning turn of events the teams representing Columbia and Yale, occupants of the bottom two places at the start of the day, recorded convincing final-round victories to finish tied for first place in the 22nd annual "C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate chess tournament with 6 1/2 points each. A play-off will be held next week to determine this year's titleholder.

Columbia, who began the day in third place with 3 1/2 points, defeated tourney leader Princeton 3-1, the Lions' top three boards all registering victories.  Yale, in last place with 3 points entering the final day's play, stunned defending Champion Harvard 3 1/2 - 1/2, a result made all the more shocking when one considers that the Elis fell to their Crimson rivals 6-4 in team play less than one month ago, a loss that marked the tenth consecutive setback for the New Haven men against their Cambridge foes. The unexpected defeat at the hands of Yale sent Harvard to a last-place finish for only the second time in the 22-year history of the "C.H.Y.P." tourney, the first coming in 1907.

Yale and Columbia will meet next week in New York to play off the tie. Columbia has won the tournament outright on nine previous occasions, to Yale's one, and so may perhaps be considered the favorite to capture the title once again.

Yesterday's results:

Columbia                     Princeton
Leede 1                        Stockton  0
Ehrlich 1                     Jarman, Jr. 0
Korkus 1                      Carter 0
Bird 0                           Chamberlin 1

Columbia played White on boards 1 and 3.

Yale                               Harvard
Beach  1                       Winkelman  0
Quarles  1                    Currier 0
Job  1                            Beers  0
Lightner 1/2              Washburn 1/2

Final scores: Columbia, Yale 6 1/2; Princeton 6; Harvard 5. Columbia and Yale to play for the title.

We present two games from the day's play. First, Beers of Harvard, who suffered a painful loss in the preceding round, chooses the wrong checking square for his Queen with a perpetual check in hand and once again goes down to defeat.

The only game to reach us from the Columbia-Princeton match is the fourth-board victory by Princeton's Chamberlin over Bird of Columbia. White's pretty 18.e6+ wins a piece, Black's 22...Re8 loses another, but the second player fights on, two pieces to the bad, until the bitter end - in team play such obstinate resistance is not at all uncommon, and hardly to be criticized.


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