Saturday, December 14

Capablanca defeats Znosko-Borovsky in first game of exhibition match

José R. Capablanca lengthened his string of European successes by defeating Eugene Znosko-Borovsky in the opening contest of their two-game exhibition match at St. Petersburg.  Capablanca, who is also slated to meet Fyodor Dus-Chotimirsky and Alexander Alekhine in similar encounters, recovered from an inferior position to score the game to his credit at the 37th move.  Znosko-Borovsky, having the move, opted for a quiet variation of the Ruy Lopez, the restrained 10.d3 indicating his desire for a slow-paced struggle.  The Russian Master succeeded in holding his powerful adversary at bay through most of the contest, and even appears to have overlooked an opportunity for advantage with 33.Qf5!, attacking Black's Rook and d3-pawn, the White Queen remaining immune from capture owing to the threat of checkmate on the back rank. After Znosko-Borovsky's 33.Rf1 the Black d-pawn soon became a force, and Capablanca with a few powerful moves forced White's resignation shortly thereafter.

Capablanca was scheduled to begin his match vs. Alekhine today - the first-ever meeting of the two young geniuses - and we hope to present the score of that encounter tomorrow.

Herewith the Znosko-Borovsky - Capablanca contest:


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