Monday, December 23

Trebitsch tournament, continued: Three games by Schlechter

In our coverage to date of the 5th Trebitsch Memorial tournament we have not yet presented any games by Carl Schlechter, who at last report was leading the tourney with four rounds still to be played.  Today we are pleased to be able to repair that omission by offering three efforts by the celebrated Austrian Master, who, we understand, has so far remained undefeated in the tournament.

Here Schlechter defeats Löwy in a lengthy Ruy Lopez that saw both Kings traverse the board during the middlegame.

Next, a victory over the veteran Adolf Albin, whose rather unusual handling of the Black side of the Ruy Lopez proved unequal to the strong, clear play of Schlechter.

Finally, a hard-fought draw vs. Spielmann, played a few days ago. It seems that Schlechter missed a chance to win with 39.f6+! as opposed to the chosen 39.Kxd5, a variation discovered by the Viennese Master Kaufmann. Readers are invited to refer to the notes included in the game score.

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