Monday, December 30

Princeton bests Harvard 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 to take lead in "C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate tourney; Columbia beats Yale

Princeton defeated defending Champion Harvard 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 to take the lead after two rounds of the 22nd annual "C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate tournament, held at New York's Murray Hill Hotel. The Tigers saw a likely match defeat turn to unexpected victory when Harvard's third board D.M. Beers committed a terrible oversight, leaving a full Rook en prise while two pawns to the good in a winning endgame vs. E.S. Carter of Princeton.  In the day's other match Columbia recovered some of the ground lost through its opening round defeat against Harvard to top Yale 2 1/2 - 1 1/2.

The final round of the competition will match Princeton vs. Columbia and Harvard vs. Yale, with Princeton seeking only its second-ever victory in this annual tourney, the Tigers having previously captured top honors in 1908.

Results of the second round:

Harvard                         Princeton
Winkelman  1/2           Stockton   1/2
Currier 1                         Jarman, Jr. 0
Beers 0                            Carter 1
Washburn 0                  Chamberlin 1

Princeton played White on boards 1 and 3

Columbia                      Yale
Leede 1/2                      Beach 1/2
Ehrlich 1                        Quarles 0
Korkus 1                         Job 0
Bird 0                              Lightner 1

Columbia played White on boards 1 and 3

Standings after the 2nd round:  Princeton 5; Harvard 4 1/2; Columbia 3 1/2; Yale 3.

We present two games from the day's play.  First, the dramatic loss by Beers of Harvard, who outplayed Princeton's Carter in a Rook and Knight endgame before coming to grief.

Here Ehrlich of Columbia accepts the King's Gambit offered by Quarles of Yale and holds the whip hand throughout before deciding matters in a pawn endgame.

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