Friday, December 6

World Champion on tour: Dr. Lasker faces stiff opposition in Prague

We report once again on the current exhibition tour through central Europe by Dr. Lasker, the World Champion. The Doctor has continued his peripatetic ways since we last looked in on him, and has visited Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Brno, Vienna, and Bratislava, among other cities, facing 25 opponents simultaneously at each stop along his way.  On none of these recent occasions did the Champion lose more than one game, while in general conceding only a handful of draws.

We relate the above not only to recognize the consistently high level of Dr. Lasker's exhibition play, but also to underscore the outstanding collective achievement by the members of Prague's Dobrusky Chess Club, site of the Doctor's most recent exhibition on the 4th inst.  The lone performer was able to record only 10 victories from the 25 games played, as against 5 defeats, with the remaining 10 contests being drawn.  The Prague men can thus rightly claim from Mannheim, subject of our previous report, the honor of having offered the sternest resistance to the Champion of any group on his current travels.

We present below two games from the Prague exhibition, one a victory by Dr. Lasker and the other a fine win over the performer by the Czech player Riha, who offers his Queen at the 14th move and later decides matters in a well-played Bishop endgame.


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