Friday, December 13

Italian dessert; News of Capablanca

We offer today, in the manner of a "dessert" to follow our recent feast of games from Italy, one further contest from that land.  It was played on the 7th inst. in Pavia and won by Prof. Ugo Scoti, a leading member of the active group of players who can be found meeting daily at the Caffè Bixio on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Prof. Scoti as second player in a Bishop's Opening sacrifices a pawn to gain active play for his pieces and concludes the contest in attractive style, offering his Rook at the 24th move and his Queen at the 26th before delivering mate.

**Bulletin: Capablanca defeats Znosko-Borovsky.  We have just received word that José R. Capablanca has defeated Eugene Znosko-Borovsky in the first game of their exhibition match, played yesterday at St. Petersburg.  The game score will appear in this space tomorrow.   

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