Sunday, December 8

Bologna tournament, Round 8: Reggio catches idle Rosselli with win; Leaders will meet in 9th round

Arturo Reggio engineered a decisive breakthrough in a pawn endgame to defeat Giuseppe Benini and join the idle Stefano Rosselli del Turco atop the score table after eight rounds of the Italia Scacchistica national tournament at Bologna.  Rosselli, with three games left to play versus two for Reggio, in theory still retains the better chances of overall victory in the event, but much will depend on the result of the next (9th) round, when the two rivals will meet.

The surprise of the day came when Giovanni Cenni let slip a chance to move within one half-point of the leaders by losing from an advantageous position vs. Guido Matteucci, thereby severely damaging his prospects for top honors in the event. In another unexpected reversal of fortune Corrado Buono outplayed Alberto Batori to win an endgame that originally looked lost for him, while Camillo D'Amelio suffered a quick defeat at the hands of Gastone Montessori.  The day's final encounter saw Pietro Belli at last open his account with a victory over Efrem Ferraris in a Queen and Knight endgame. Rosselli, as noted, was free.

Standings after 8 rounds:  Rosselli*, Reggio 6 1/2; Cenni* 5; Buono, Montessori* 4; Batori*, Matteucci* 3 1/2; Benini* 2 1/2; D'Amelio* 2; Ferraris 1 1/2; Belli* 1.
Those players marked with an asterisk * have already had the bye.

We present what we have received from Bologna, beginning with the endgame between Reggio and Benini. Aficionados of this phase of the game will wish to study carefully both the winning process and its attendant variations, which have been kindly supplied by the winner.


Next, the victory by Buono over Batori, who committed a serious oversight with 33.f4??


And here we present Belli's victory over Ferraris.

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