Thursday, December 19

More games from the Trebitsch tournament; Schlechter, Spielmann, Tartakower, Reti in close race for top honors.

We are in receipt of two more sprightly games from the 5th Trebitsch Memorial Tournament in Vienna.  In the first, played during the tourney's fourth round on the 24th ult., Dr. Saviely Tartakower as second player in a Dutch Defense develops a powerful attack notwithstanding the early exchange of Queens and defeats Josef Hrdina via a pretty Knight sacrifice. Our other featured contest, a powerful victory by Richard Reti over Rudolf Spielmann from the Black side of a Scotch Game, offers a memorable lesson on the deadly potential of a pin.  Much interesting chess seems to be taking place in Vienna, and we continue our efforts to procure more games from the Trebitsch tourney.

One recent report has given the tournament standings after 14 rounds as follows: Schlechter 10 1/2; Spielmann, Tartakower 10; Reti 9 1/2; Albin 8; Hrdina 6; Löwy 4 1/2; Schara 4; Kirschen 2; Strobl 1 1/2.  We note, however, that on the above list the total of all points scored amounts to 66 rather than the 70 to be expected after 14 complete rounds, a circumstance likely owing to the existence of four outstanding adjourned contests.  At all events, the race to the finish appears dramatic indeed.

We present the two games described above.  First, Tartakower sacrifices his Knight to weave a mating net.


Here the normally alert Spielmann errs with 20.a3?, allowing the decisive 20...Rxc2!

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