Friday, December 27

Harvard tops Columbia, Princeton defeats Yale as 22nd annual "C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate tournament begins

The 22nd annual "C.H.Y.P." tourney, a Christmastime fixture in the intercollegiate chess world, began on the 22nd inst. at New York's Murray Hill Hotel, with four-man teams from Columbia, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton facing each other in round-robin competition. The opening day's play saw defending Champion Harvard defeat Columbia by a margin of 3-1, while Princeton bested Yale, the tally being 2 1/2 - 1 1/2. The Harvard men are thus off to a good start in their quest to retain the title, which will be awarded to the squad scoring the most total points.  Princeton's team seems to have profited from two recent visits by U.S. Champion Frank J. Marshall, to judge by their victory over the Elis.  

The first day's results were as follows:

Harvard                         Columbia
B. Winkelman 0            H.E. Leede 1
F.M. Currier  1              D.E. Ehrlich   0
D.M. Beers  1                 E.F. Korkus   0
W.M. Washburn  1       J.M. Bird   0

Harvard played White on boards 1 and 3

Yale                                Princeton
R. Beach 1                    K.E. Stockton 0
D.A. Quarles 0            G.W. Jarman, Jr. 1
G.C. Job 1/2                E.S. Carter 1/2
T.A. Lightner 0          W.B. Chamberlin 1

Yale played White on boards 1 and 3

Standings after 1 round: Harvard 3; Princeton 2 1/2; Yale 1 1/2; Columbia 1.

We have three games to share from the first round of the competition. Here, in a battle on first board, Leede of Columbia sacrifices a piece on the 20th move, only to regain his investment with two pawns' interest shortly thereafter.

Next, the contest between Columbia's Bird and Harvard's Washburn comes to an abrupt end when the former chooses an unfortunate square for his Rook.

And here Chamberlin of Princeton checkmates Lightner of Yale.

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