Thursday, December 26

Schlechter wins Trebitsch tourney; Spielmann 2nd, Tartakower 3rd, Reti 4th in close race

Bulletin: Carl Schlechter has captured first prize at the the 5th Leopold Trebitsch Memorial tournament in Vienna.  Schlechter, who previously won the 3rd and 4th editions of this event, compiled an undefeated record of 10 victories and eight draws to claim top honors with 14 points, one half-point ahead of second place finisher Rudolf Spielmann's 13 1/2.  In third place, close on the heels of Spielmann, came Dr. Saviely Tartakower with 13 points, while Richard Reti's 12 points earned him the fourth prize. The remaining scores were as follows: Josef Hrdina 10; Adolf Albin 9 1/2; Anton Schara 6 1/2; Leopold L√∂wy 5 1/2; Otto Strobl 3 1/2; Martin Kirschen 2 1/2.

We have two games from the tourney to offer our readers today. First, a pretty victory by Spielmann over Kirschen, concluding with a Queen sacrifice.


In our other featured game Josef Hrdina exchanges blows with Schlechter in a fierce encounter, only to blunder horribly at his 35th turn in a position where a Queen sacrifice would have brought him an endgame advantage. Of Hrdina we will have more to say in our next entry on the Trebitsch tournament, to appear in a very few days' time.

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