Wednesday, December 4

Correspondence chess: Spirited club contests

We present three recent correspondence games, all played during current year.  Two were contested between the Newcastle and Liverpool Central chess clubs, the result being a 1 1/2 - 1/2 margin in favor of the former side.  We find the drawn game particularly fascinating, and so give it pride of place below, urging our readers not to pass it by.  Often a hard-fought draw contains more of interest than many a decisive battle, as is in fact the case in the present instance, where the other game, the victory by the Newcastle club, comes to a sudden and unexpected end after an unfortunate blunder by the Liverpool men.

The third game included with today's offerings was played between the Utrecht and Geneva chess clubs and finished in favor of the Dutchmen, who as White in a familiar line of the Open Ruy Lopez successfully adopted a known but comparatively rare move, 10.Qd3, against their Swiss opponents.  We leave for our readers the question of whether Black could have held the position after 28...Ng8.



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