Monday, December 16

Trebitsch Memorial tournament underway in Vienna; Tartakower, Spielmann trade victories

The Trebitsch Memorial tournament is presently underway, having begun last month in Vienna.  The current edition, the 5th in the series, is, like its predecessors, made possible by the munificence of the family of the late Austrian industrialist and chess Maecenas Leopold Trebitsch.  Among the participants in this year's 10-man double-round tourney are Richard Reti, winner of the 2nd Trebitsch Memorial Tournament in 1909/10, and Carl Schlechter, who took first prize at the 3rd and 4th Trebitsch Memorial events in 1910/11 and 1911/12. Familiar names Rudolf Spielmann, Adolf Albin, and Saviely Tartakower are entered as well, and can all be expected to contend for high honors; the remainder of the field is comprised of Leopold Löwy, Jr., Anton Schara, Martin Kirschen, Otto Strobl, and Josef Hrdina, all players of notable strength.

Games from the tourney have unfortunately proved rather difficult to come by so far.  We continue to work "behind the scenes" to procure additional game scores, and expect to have more to report along these lines in the coming days.  For the present we offer two choice encounters between Tartakower and Spielmann, who came to the Trebitsch tourney fresh from their recent match.  The Masters exchanged victories, with Tartakower besting Spielmann in the tournament's opening round via a beautiful sacrificial attack, and Spielmann gaining revenge during the tourney's second tour with an elegant concluding attack of his own. We enthusiastically commend these excellent efforts to the attention of our readers.

Here Tartakower offers an exchange at the 21st move and a Bishop three moves thereafter in the course of a winning attack.


Spielmann shines in the return encounter, offering his Queen at the 28th move and providing a textbook example of an attack carried out on the weakened dark squares.


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