Sunday, October 27

Capablanca in Paris: Visitor gives simultaneous exhibition, loses free game to Aurbach

We are happy to report that following his sojourn in London José R. Capablanca has now arrived safely in Paris. The Cuban ace is reported as having given an exhibition of simultaneous play in the French capital on the 18th inst., scoring 24 wins and two draws, with but a single loss.  No games from that performance have come to hand, but we are happy to offer to our readers the score of an informal game played by Capablanca against French Master Arnold Aurbach on the 23rd inst.  Our understanding is that the following encounter took place while the two players were guests of that well-respected patron of French chess, M. Léonard Tauber. Their joint efforts undoubtedly delighted their host, for the contest is of absorbing interest, and M. Aurbach is to be congratulated on his victory over his formidable adversary.



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