Wednesday, October 30

Capablanca in Paris: Cuban defeats Aurbach in exhibition game

José R. Capablanca gained a full measure of revenge for his earlier defeat at the hands of Arnold Aurbach when he bested the French Master in an exhibition game played at the Café de la Régence on the 24th inst. Aurbach, who had taken the Cuban's measure in a privately-played game on the previous day, experienced firsthand the full force of Capablanca's renowned endgame prowess as the visitor made decisive use of his passed a-pawn in a Rook endgame. We understand that Capablanca hopes to contest similar exhibition games with other European Masters as he continues his travels, and we wish him every success in arranging these encounters and in upholding the banner of the New World against the finest players of the Old.  This is truly a bright period for chess in Europe, with both Capablanca and Dr. Lasker now in action on a regular basis as they tour the continent, and with - as the entire chess world so fervently hopes - their paths destined at last to cross in serious play at St. Petersburg next year.  

Herewith the Capablanca-Aurbach game.


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