Tuesday, October 22

Ed. Lasker-H.G. Cole match: Cole wins second game to take 1-0 lead

Mr. Harold G. Cole displayed excellent endgame technique to defeat Herr Edward Lasker in the second game of their match at London.  With this victory Mr. Cole assumes a 1-0 lead in the contest, whose winner will be the first to take three decisive games from his opponent.  

Mr. Cole, playing Black, defended against Herr Lasker's Queen's Pawn opening with a plan incorporating elements of the Queen's Gambit Declined and Dutch Defense, the opening moves being 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 c6 4.e3 f5.  In the middlegame much of the struggle centered on the King-side, as Herr Lasker endeavored to develop an attack against the Black monarch, sacrificing a pawn for that purpose at the 21st move.  Mr. Cole, however, repelled White's aggressive thrusts, and by the 35th move an endgame had been reached with Black still a pawn to the good and, moreover, in possession of connected passed d- and e-pawns.  It was the advance of one of these central infantrymen that decided the contest, for Mr. Cole, by sacrificing first the exchange and later a Bishop, succeeded in promoting his e-pawn to a new Queen and forcing resignation soon thereafter.  We reproduce the game below, and commend it to the attention of our readers.



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