Friday, October 18

World Champion on tour: Dr. Lasker gives simultaneous exhibition in Krefeld

Dr. Emanuel Lasker, the World Champion, has begun a continental chess tour that will see him travel throughout Germany and into other lands as well, with Vienna, Innsbruck, and Prague joining Munich, Berlin, and Nuremburg on his itinerary.  The Champion opened his tour on the 16th inst. in Krefeld, where in simultaneous play against 26 opponents he lost but one game and conceded only three draws.  We are most pleased to present a selection of games from this performance, all the more so as examples of Dr. Lasker's chess have been in very short supply of late - we do not believe that we have seen a single game by the Champion, neither from serious play nor skittles, since his sojourn in France at the close of last year.

Appended are three games from the Krefeld exhibition.  We plan to present another batch soon, and will of course endeavor to procure others from subsequent performances as the Doctor continues his tour.

We have on more than one occasion seen the Champion graciously accede to a request by one or more of his simultaneous opponents to handle the White pieces.  Such may well have been the case here.

We will publish more games from the Krefeld exhibition in a few days' time.

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