Friday, October 4

Chess in Pittsburgh: Howard L. Dolde, player, editor, administrator, is new club Champion

Pittsburgh boasts a vibrant chess life.  Aficionados of our game resident in the Pennsylvania metropolis can enjoy no fewer than four weekly chess columns in the local newspapers, a total, we believe, second only to that of New York City on the American continent.  Earlier this year the city of steel mills mustered the noteworthy total of 57 players to face U.S. Champion Frank J. Marshall in simultaneous play, another testimony to the widespread popularity of chess in the area.

Now comes word that the Pittsburgh Chess Club has held its Championship tournament, a giant 26-man round-robin won by local chess colossus Howard L. Dolde with the exceptional score of 23 wins and 2 draws, with no defeats.  The new Champion does not limit his chess activity to play alone: Mr. Dolde promotes our noble game in administrative and journalistic capacities as well, having recently been elected President of the Pittsburgh Club and serving as editor of the chess column in the Gazette-Times, arguably the most thorough and authoritative in the city.  It is under the direction of Mr. Dolde that the Gazette-Times is conducting its current Sam Loyd Memorial Problem Tourney, a competition offering prizes for both composers and solvers.  Truly a man with boundless energy and devotion to the cause of chess.

We append three games by the remarkable Mr. Dolde, one from the Pittsburgh Club Championship tournament and two from his recent match with former Chicago stalwart Kalman Erdeky for the title of Champion of Western Pennsyvania, a contest won by Mr. Dolde with a clean 4-0 score.

Here Mr. Dolde overpowers his opponent in a Queen's Gambit Declined.  Mr. Murdoch tied for 7th and 8th places in the 26-man Club Championship tourney.


In the opening game of the match vs. Edeky Black makes his strength felt in the endgame with the aid of his two Bishops.

The cut-and-thrust from moves 17 to 23 is most interesting, with Mr. Dolde landing the final blow.

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