Saturday, October 26

World Champion on tour: Dr. Lasker in Mainz and Nuremburg

Dr. Lasker continued his European chess tour with an appearance in Mainz on the 20th inst. and another in Nuremburg on the following day.  Faced with 25 opponents on each occasion, the World Champion made an excellent score, suffering only one loss and conceding two draws at the Mainz performance, while recording 23 victories against two defeats at Nuremburg.  We offer below two games, one a short win by Dr. Lasker and the other a loss.  We are in general not averse to publishing the occasional win over a Master from simultaneous play, provided that the contest in question possesses some intrinsic merit of its own.  Such is certainly the case with the second game given below, for Herr Sieber defeats the Champion with one of Dr. Lasker's own weapons - the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez - and the game as a whole represents a model example of White's use of his King-side pawn majority to achieve victory.

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