Tuesday, October 15

Tartakower-Spielmann match: First game drawn

A match is presently underway at Vienna between two of the brightest lights resident in that shining city of chess Masters, Dr. Saviely Tartakower and Rudolf Spielmann.  Our understanding of the somewhat unusual conditions is that the winner of the match will be the first player to reach five points, with the added proviso that the first four drawn games are not to count in the scoring. Spielmann, we feel, must be adjudged somewhat the favorite: that consummate attacker has shown good form of late, winning tournaments in Vienna and Budapest, although Dr. Tartakower's close second-place finish at each of those tourneys likely presages a hard-fought battle in the current contest.

We have received the score of the first game, a draw in 59 moves, played on the 8th inst.  It is a most absorbing struggle from beginning to end, and concludes when Dr. Tartakower, playing White, uses his lone King to stalemate his opponent.



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