Monday, October 28

Ed. Lasker-H.G. Cole match: Cole leads 2-0 after winning 4th game

Mr. Harold G. Cole defeated Herr Edward Lasker in the fourth game of their match to take a 2-0 lead in terms of decisive results. With this latest triumph Mr. Cole now stands but one win away from overall victory in the contest, whose winner will be the first man to defeat his opponent three times.  Herr Lasker, on the other hand, faces the formidable task of scoring three consecutive victories without defeat if he is to achieve success.

In the fourth game Herr Lasker, playing White, selected the Four Knights' Opening, to which Mr. Cole replied with the 4...Nd4 defense.  Queens were exchanged before the tenth move, after which Mr. Cole attempted to make good use of his two Bishops in the endgame, a goal toward whose attainment he was assisted by some rather haphazard play on the part of his opponent, who in the space of half a dozen moves played his Rook from the e1 square to e2, d2, d1, and, finally, back to e1 again.  At the 29th move Black won a pawn, which Herr Lasker immediately made efforts to regain. These efforts, however, proved ill-timed, for the struggle came to a sudden end following White's 32.Rdxc2?, a blunder costing a piece after 32...Bb3, as 33.Rb2 is met by 33...Rxb4.

We append the game score.


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