Thursday, October 24

Ed. Lasker-H.G. Cole match: Third game drawn; Cole still leads 1-0

The third game of the match between Herr Edward Lasker and Mr. H.G. Cole ended in a quiet draw after 33 moves.  Herr Lasker, playing Black against the Ruy Lopez of Mr. Cole, adopted the same variation that he had used in the first encounter, a line involving the sacrifice of the exchange.  Mr. Cole was the first to vary his play from that earlier contest, on this occasion choosing 18.Nd2 in preference to 18.Bf4, but the new try proved no more successful for winning purposes than the old one, and Herr Lasker was soon able to construct a defensive bulwark that the White Rooks could not hope to breach.  The drawn result leaves the score at 1-0 in favor of Mr. Cole; the victor in the match will be the first man to win three games.

As we go to press we have received word of a game won against Herr Lasker in this variation by José R. Capablanca, who employed a Queen sacrifice on the way to victory.  We shall publish that contest in our next installment.

Herewith the third game of the Ed. Lasker-Cole match:

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