Thursday, October 17

Tartakower-Spielmann match: Second game is a draw

We have received the score of the second game of the Tartakower-Spielmann match, and must confess ourselves somewhat befuddled thereby.  The dispatch we have to hand reports that this contest, like the first, resulted in a draw, but what troubles us is the fact that Dr. Tartakower is shown as having played the White pieces for the second time in succession.  In normal circumstances we would simply credit this anomaly to a clerical error and reverse the names of the players before publishing the game; in the present instance, however, the unusual regulations under which the match is being played, as noted in our earlier entry - namely, that the first four drawn contests are agreed not to count toward the final score - lead us to believe that such a thing is not entirely outside the realm of possibility.  Though we rather suspect that Spielmann had the move in the game herewith appended, we have chosen to present the score exactly as we received it from Vienna, while calling attention to the uncertainty as to the allocation of colors.

The game saw a French Defense reach a balanced Rook and Knight endgame, after which a draw was agreed at the 38th move.  There is thus no official score yet in the match, nor has either player made progress toward the five points required for victory.  

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