Wednesday, October 23

Tartakower-Spielmann match: Tartakower wins fifth game

We have received from Vienna the score of the fifth game of the ongoing Tartakower-Spielmann match, a Giuoco Piano won by Dr. Tartakower as White in 59 moves.  Of the fourth game we have heard nothing whatsoever, and thus offer apologies to our readers for the unavoidable discontinuity in our reporting of the contest.  We shall continue our so-far fruitless efforts to learn more anent the missing game in question.

For much of the fifth game Spielmann as second player seemed to enjoy at least equal chances, and by the 35th move Black had secured an advanced, passed c-pawn as the result of a general Queen-side advance. Yet Dr. Tartakower, by infiltrating the opposing position with his Queen, succeeded in securing counter-play sufficient to render ineffective any effort by Spielmann to turn his passed pawn to account.  White's 45.Bxd5! led to a general exchange that saw the Black c-pawn disappear from the board and left the first player not only one pawn to the good, but in possession of two connected passed pawns of his own.  Spielmann thereupon directed his remaining forces against the White King, which, though at first sight vulnerable, nevertheless proved amply defended against all Black's attempts at attack.  Spielmann resigned at the 59th move, unable to prevent the victorious advance of the White pawns.

We append the score of the fifth game below.

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