Thursday, October 3

Marshall-Duras match: U.S. Champion takes third consecutive game for 3-0 lead

United States Champion Frank J. Marshall yesterday defeated Oldrich Duras of Prague for the third time running to take a 3-0 lead in their five-game match at the Manhattan Chess Club.  With this latest triumph Marshall has assured himself of overall victory in the series, whose final two games will nevertheless be played as scheduled.

Marshall ventured the Danish Gambit, with Duras accepting both offered pawns.  The game remained sharp despite an early exchange of Queens, as the American ace regained one of his sacrificed pawns and established a dangerous passed pawn on g7, one step short of the promotion square.  Duras at his 15th turn seems to have missed a remarkable opportunity, for by capturing Marshall's Knight and allowing the g-pawn to become a Queen unhindered, the Czech Master could have mounted an attack on the White King which, despite the meager forces involved, appears sufficient for at least a draw.  The reader will find supporting variations adduced in the game score below.  As played, Black required several moves to annex the g7-pawn, time well-used by Marshall to advance on the King-side and invade the Black position with his Rook.  At the 28th move Duras, having little thinking time remaining, blundered with 28...Bc3?, and resigned shortly thereafter.

The fourth game will be played on October 5th.


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