Saturday, October 12

Prize-winning miniature from Leipzig

The Leipzig Chess Club "Augustea" is one of the oldest in Germany, having been founded, if we recall correctly, 65 years ago in 1848. That venerable society recently organized a 12-man Hauptturnier to celebrate the anniversary of its inception.  First prize was claimed by Dr. Antze of Bremen with the fine score of 8½ points, followed closely by Herr Zimmer of Limbach with 8 and Herr von Hennig of Kiel and Dr. Valentiner of Leipzig, each with 7½.  We have received one game score from the tourney, a short victory by Herr von Hennig over fifth-place finisher Herr Bl├╝mich.  This miniature was awarded the beauty prize - largely, we suspect, owing to the possible Rook sacrifice at the 21st move, which the reader will find included in the notes.


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