Thursday, October 10

D.G. Baird, 1854-1913: American Master defeated several of world's best players

We are saddened by news of the death on the 8th inst. of David Graham Baird in Elizabeth, New Jersey at the age of 58.  D.G. Baird, long one of the strongest players in the New York metropolitan area, captured the Championship of New York State in 1895 and was four times Champion of the Manhattan Chess Club.  He participated in two of the greatest international tournaments of our time, the Sixth American Chess Congress at New York, 1889 and the Kaiser-Jubilee tourney at Vienna, 1898.  Although his final placing in these contests was modest, Mr. Baird nevertheless made his presence felt, defeating Showalter, Burn, and tournament co-winner Max Weiss at New York and besting Chigorin, Alapin and Walbrodt in Vienna.  A dogged and determined campaigner, Baird fought tirelessly through these mammoth events, his victories over Weiss and Walbrodt lasting, respectively, 113 and 126 moves.  Baird was the brother of John Washington Baird, himself a Chess Master and international competitor.  We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends.

Appended is a small selection of games by D.G. Baird.

Here, in perhaps his most brilliant game, Baird launches a devastating Queen-side attack to defeat Burn at New York, 1889.

In this contest from Vienna, 1898 Chigorin risks too much vs. Baird and pays the penalty for his audacity.

Next, in a game from the Manhattan Chess Club Championship of 1900, Baird survives a wild opening to defeat Marshall.  It is a pity that this contest was played a few short months after the death of Steinitz, for we feel that the White King's successful peregrinations would have been dear to the old Champion's heart.

Finally, in a game from the New York Masters' tourney of two years ago, Baird scores a crisp victory over former United States Champion Albert Hodges.

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