Wednesday, October 9

Fox vs. Tietz: High-class chess from Carlsbad

American chess aficionados will recall Albert W. Fox, former Champion of the Manhattan Chess Club, twice member of the United States team in the sadly-discontinued Anglo-American cable matches, and participant at Cambridge Springs, 1904, where he numbered Chigorin, Janowski, Schlechter, and Teichmann among his victims en route to an honorable shared 10th place finish.  Mr. Fox's chess activities seem to have been rather curtailed of late, but we have now received three friendly games that the American Master contested over the summer at Carlsbad against Viktor Tietz, organizer of the great 1907 and 1911 tourneys at that spa locale.  Herr Tietz is no mean player himself, his experience including participation in the German Hauptturnier at Breslau, 1889 and outright victory in a small triangular tourney at Karlsbad, 1902 over the formidable competitors Janowski and Porges.  The games, of which Herr Tietz won the first two and Mr. Fox the third, are of more than average interest, the latter two being particularly fine, and we are happy to be able to share them with our readers.

Here Herr Tietz outplays his opponent on the Black side of a Ruy Lopez.


In the following contest the Rook endgame and subsequent pawn endgame deserve careful study.  Special notice should be paid to the possible variations given at Black's 42nd and 44th moves.

White here weathers a powerful attack by Black.  The final position, moreover, offers intriguing possibilities.

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